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IS Infrastructure Supervisor

Division: Central Services | Plant Name: Windsor Mold Group

Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada | Posted Date: 2021-03-23


The IS Infrastructure Supervisor is responsible for efficient oversight of IS Infrastructure area in the Information Systems Department of Windsor Mold Group. The Supervisor leads a dynamic team of staff in the implementation and renewal of World Class infrastructure supporting networks, servers, applications infrastructure and e-security technologies, in both the on premises and cloud environments. Review, implementation and monitoring of key Infrastructure projects involving the Department to support innovation scalable across Windsor Mold Group facilities in Canada, the USA and Mexico. The Supervisor is a key enabler of advanced IS related project implementations. Key responsibilities include; staff workload assignments and monitoring, IS Infrastructure team leadership coordination and support, IS budgeting, and timely reports of the progress of IS related projects involving technologies adopted by the Tooling, Automotive Components, and Central Services Divisions of the Company.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Demonstrate effective leadership of staff, project implementations and review of project activities, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as they relate to World Class IS infrastructure implementation and proactive support.
  • Serve as the IS Infrastructure representative on the IS Leadership Team
  • Review and assist in the preparation of budgets related to e-infrastructure to support proactive capacity planning, including telecommunication carrier data, voice and Internet services.
  • Schedule, review, approve and/or report upon requirements for and needs of infrastructure staff, services, scheduling, vacation times, on-call times with respect to production times, as well as other selected capital IS infrastructure resource utilizations.
  • Validate or audit system integrity/availability of resources including staffing and e-resources to support 24/7 Tier 1 automotive production necessary to fulfill customer and/or industry standard best practices.
  • Assist in the change management and access authorization process for staff and other users, including privileged password audits.
  • Oversee installations of new/rebuild of physical or virtual servers, switching/routing, and the configuring of IT hardware, peripherals, services, settings, directories, storage, etc. in accordance with standards and project/operational requirements.
  • Develop and maintain succinct project reporting profiles that include details of progress and costs, resulting from approved advancements in World Class IT infrastructure and platform services (PaaS).
  • Ensure that data center environmental and e-security monitoring equipment and services are supported.
  • Collaborative development and implementation of operations policies and work instructions in IS infrastructure, including those affiliated with projects and innovative advancement of technology.
  • Prescribe the decommissioning and/or appropriate destruction of technology resources and/or data in accordance with industry standard practices.
  • Ensure that staff enables daily backup routines, file server systems, configurations and/or data to support recovery and incident reporting in relationship to internal/3rd party requirements.
  • Provide Tier III/other support to assist in the determination and elimination of root causes attributed to projects, infrastructure or services that involve IS infrastructure.
  • Review and recommend technologies to establish next generation World Class IT infrastructure.
  • Support configuring, testing and add/modify new services in support of project and Department needs.
  • Understands and maintains information security requirements for access to secure or otherwise confidential information of Windsor Mold Group, its customers and suppliers
  • Performs other duties as assigned

  • A minimum of a bachelor's degree in a computer related discipline is recommended. Specialized training in project management involving e-infrastructure based projects would advance a candidate. PMP candidates, those willing to pursue certification, or those with a PMP certificate with a business or computer background are encouraged to apply.
  • Supervisory experience in a computer related or technology business systems environment with project management oversite responsibility and 5+ years of hands on experience with one or more infrastructure disciplines including network/telecom, servers, database, or security.

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