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Windsor Mold Group offers FTP services to facilitate the exchange of information and data with our customers and suppliers. To begin using our FTP services, you first must start an account.

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How to Connect
Using a Web Browser Using the DOS FTP Client

You can still use a simple FTP client such as the one under DOS if you prefer.

There are plenty of good reference sources on the Internet if you require further help in this area.

Using an FTP Client (SFTP)

There are specialized programs that handle FTP file transfers efficiently. Instructions on using these applications vary, but all require basic information such as the server’s address and your user name and password.

User name: will be assigned to you
Password: will be assigned to you

Some applications that we have had good experience with and that are readily available over the internet are are:

Resolving FTP Problems

If you have any questions or problems regarding our FTP services, please contact

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